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Next Act Advisors, strategic advisory to scale new business models with operational excellence and good governance

At Next Act Advisors, my mission is simple.

I want to assist entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in building scalable, well-governed, and resilient businesses. I want to help you commercialize your business ideas to make a better world!

Next Act Advisors provides advisory services

In the areas of strategy, capital allocation, operational levers, corporate governance, compliance, leadership / CEO coaching, team buildouts.

Working with founders and owners

On realizing Enterprise value by identifying technological innovation out of the “lab” and bringing it into the mainstream.

Inspired by change

“It is not the strongest of species that survives, not the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Those who have learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

– Charles Darwin

I never work alone.

Next Act Advisors has access to a network of seasoned executives, corporate intrapreneurs, board directors, service providers and thought leaders. Many share a common purpose to contribute to the next generation of corporate intrapreneurs and by working with founders and teams on identifying the inner growth levers resident in the company’s product and services and talent from a center of integrity.

With over 25 years of operational experience in Corporate America and Europe, my skills have been successfully applied to the businesses and clients I serve; including private equity owned and founder owned companies, and time spent serving as a corporate board director.

A “boomer” repurposed to “digital native”, I am able to work with O365, Teams, Google hangouts, Webex, Zoom, (I had a professional account way before the pandemic); Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce and I even have worked in Trello.

Everything has been invented before –

it is about a methodology; skillset and strategic mindset connecting the dots and bridging ideas created in the lab, or garage and scaling them in a new digital world.

Flexport CEO Ryan Peterson at SaaStr 2019 was quoted:
“I am convinced that there are large chunks of the US GDP that have yet to be transformed digitally.”

What aspect of the GDP are you trying to transform digitally?

With gratitude,

Brenda A. McCabe

Strategic thinking matters

Next Act Advisors works with founders

To help them build scalable and well governed businesses and established companies to help bridge the knowledge gap often faced when disrupting their incumbent business models with digitization.

For intrapreneurs why should you work with Next Act Advisors?

25+ years of corporate experience in business development, strategy, enterprise value creation, deals/licensing agreements and team buildouts.

Corporate board
experience, NACD Board
Governance Certified.

Unique ability to work with scientists, engineers, technical founders on commercialization and
value creation.

For intrapreneurs why should you work with Next Act Advisors?

To become “Change Ready” before you lose market share or discover areas of your business that are subject to be disrupted digitally.


  • Go to market strategy
  • Customer preferences
  • Revenue paths, pricing
  • Willingness to pay


  • White board sessions
  • Product/service, buyers /consumers, pain points
  • Cost to make, cost to service, cost to acquire, payment terms
  • Market research


  • What are you good at?
  • What does the organization team need to be good at?
  • If you can’t hire it, how do you access it?

Make a difference!

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