Data and Trust

While still living and working in Europe, I joined Facebook (aka Meta) when my children who lived and worked in other countries, asked to befriend me online. They are now settled into another stage of their lives and no longer are on this platform.  I deplatformed when researching and learning of the improper use of personal data of  the tech player. 

Stateside, I maintained European cell phone services for many years. I was often struck by the difference in media and information provided to me with online sources when contrasting with others in conversations on international business matters. I was new to the then nascent algorithms and machine learning that contributed to today’s generative AI platforms.

My own foray into blogging with a website launched in Europe in 2013 and operating until 2020 was often targeted by bots.  In 2018, my website was aligned with a privacy policy that included General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) by which consumers had the right to opt into receiving information from my website. 

My personal experience has contributed to the work at Next Act Advisors. The Growth Strategies of my clients are always informed by current regulations and the understanding of why things have evolved to where they are because of the regulations and how they might change in the future. I enjoy ‘splaining how things are done, why they are that way and how your business model might be impacted or change the regulations.

The month of June I will be sharing with original content from my work with Enterprise SaaS companies addressing a very large market; with many actors and moving parts including AI, privacy and overall regulations in a race to make better informed decisions with accurate, timely and trustworthy sources.

The theme of the month of June at Next Act Advisors is “Data, Data Everywhere.” Now that all our data – private and enterprise, is out there, how can enterprises uphold trust? This content is available to subscribers only. Subscribe now or log in if you are already a subscriber.