From start up to scale up preparation for a Board of Directors and investors looking “under the hood” 

The month of April is a fine time to do a health check on your startup; kind of like spring cleaning. 

 While privately held companies (like startups), are not bound by the same requirements of a publicly traded company, springtime is a point in the year to take stock of the legal, compliance and regulatory aspects that a well governed startup should have in place reflective of their stage of growth. 

Similar to Proxy season,  a time period between mid-April to mid-June when large publicly traded companies prepare for the annual shareholders meeting in which financial performance is in review and matters presented in the proxy statement are voted upon, why not learn what you can do now so as to be prepared for the rigor of a publicly traded company? 

The theme of the month in April at Next Act Advisors is good governance practices that can assist company founders to build resilience and sustainability.  Follow us at Next Act Advisors, for a podcast release of Board Director Lisa Greer Quateman- a prior attorney who she shares her perspective on 

“Enhancing resilience and supporting good governance by tapping legal expertise.” 

Like two sides of a coin, I will share good governance and bad governance examples. Additionally, with hindsight, I will share thoughts on what could have been done to avoid the penalties associated to non-compliance. This content is available to subscribers only. Subscribe now or log in if you are already a subscriber.