What got you here, won’t get you there

Sustainable growth is one of my taglines when working with business owners from my advisory firm Next Act Advisors.  This blog unpacks how sustainable growth is addressed, independent of size, stage, and sector of an enterprise.  Sustainable growth is obtained like a recipe of allocating both time and capital, in this order.  Accompanied by another ingredient: talent. Allocation between the two ingredients is highly skewed towards the CEO’s time and no other executive. I like to say the buck stops here at the CEO level and with consultation with the board.

For the subtitle, I stole from Marshall Goldsmith’s bestselling book’s title  “what got you here won’t get you there. “My call to action for the CEO, as the leader of the enterprise, is to realize that the team you attract and retain while on the growth journey is as critical as the time you allocate to identify and execute on growth opportunities. As you become aware of the time you allocate to growth hacking, and you round out with different skills within the enterprise, capital allocation decisions more easily fall into place.

What follows are real life examples on sustainable growth efforts with three case studies: a division in a  public pharmaceutical company, a sneak preview of work by Kevin Lawrence, of Lawrence &Co, on the Four Forces of Growth,  a leader of a group of growth advisors for entrepreneurial organizations, and a pre-revenue clean tech company that went to market at the same time Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank were melting down. This content is available to subscribers only. Subscribe now or log in if you are already a subscriber.