Profits for Good 

In December 2021, I shared my mission at Next Act Advisors in a short video clip.  The events that informed my choice to work in the vibrant startup space after 25 years in corporate executive positions, led me to a professional opportunity at a disruptive technology firm in renewable energy and soon after as a corporate board director as audit chair and subsequent Private equity company boards and privately held companies. 

At Next Act Advisors, I thread both the power of the enterprise with state-of-the-art governance practices. When working with clients I am an independent thinker bringing strategy to scale new business models. My call to action when working with company owners is : “why not start from the ground up with principles of profits for good while utilizing the principle of the joint -stock company, (in the U.S. a corporation or limited liability company)  with contributions to society through economic progress, while obeying the law and designed to make money? “ 

 This blog explores the power of the modern enterprise. The current times see capitalism under questioning.  I share three perspectives to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the “goodness” of the enterprise. Throughout the blog I advocate for good corporate governance, starting with the formation of the board, as one way forward to gain and maintain the franchise from society to continue to do business in an ethical and profitable manner. This content is available to subscribers only. Subscribe now or log in if you are already a subscriber.