Outside of the Box

I recently became a first-time grandmother.  I can sit and observe my granddaughter’s curiosity and fearlessness while she goes about her day, and the time flies by. For her it is not about having fun yet; she is discovering her world. I am in awe, not only because she is my granddaughter, but because her internal world, while discovering the external world, is evolving at a rapid pace. She will be walking soon.

The analogy of my granddaughter’s development to that of a business’s development might just be a remedy for enterprises that today face immensely rapid changes. Take a look at the external world and discover the world as if it were a classroom.

But you say….  how can enterprises acquire the curiosity and fearlessness of a child while making their numbers? How can adults learn or unlearn through discovery of the world?

My work @ Next Act Advisors  incorporates humor and playfulness in some of the activities while working on the strategic roadmap to high growth.  Most of these activities look internal to the business.

Let us think “outside of the box.”  To do so, this blog shares some ideas on how to make the creativity process fun, so as to unleash new business opportunities. This content is available to subscribers only. Subscribe now or log in if you are already a subscriber.